Upcoming December Shows

Between Worlds at Corey Helford Gallery on December 12th

‘The Dream Tree’ 30 x 40 inches, acrylic, oil, and preserved plants on canvas. Contact the gallery for preview list and sales:

This painting was inspired by a dream in which my husband and his sister were carving a face onto a tree. As they carved, the face was coming to life and talking to them. I was a floaty spirit observer in the dream. After I woke up, I drew out the dream and with the addition of the transforming girls on the right, I found a new narrative to the piece.

Post It Show 11 at Giant Robot 2 on December 5th

‘Tools of Mind Control’ Acrylic and ink on 3″ Postits. All post its will be $25, cash and carry, first come first serve. 2062 Sawtelle Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90025 4242.GO.ROBO

These three images (as pictured and with captions) came to me while laying in bed, trying to go to sleep. They’re a little different than my usual artwork but since they came to me unexpectedly, I thought they had to be done.


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