Intensity of Intention

This is an illustration from my sketchbook. It was a quick scribble that I did for myself several months ago. I redrew it in color yesterday so I could share it. I drew this because I wanted to know why my negative thoughts and emotions were manifesting quicker than my positive ones. To explore this idea, I started sketching and ended up with this chart based on my own experiences. I realized that it had nothing to do with being negative or positive, but the intensity of your beliefs at that moment.

It’s much easier to believe negative things when you have just experienced a (seemingly) negative physical event (like having a bad day.) You react in a negative way and this keeps the cycle going until you react differently. When I am creating something positive, I am usually creating something out of nothing. A new image of reality that begins in my mind as an idea and is then expressed in some way to the world. This takes a little “longer” to manifest because creating takes more focus and intention than reacting.

The original sketch for the chart, 2015.


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