Eternal Progress of the Mind – New Painting

Eternal Progress of the Mind, 8 x 10 in, oil on wood panel, 2015

This painting was inspired by a small State-of-Being chart I drew earlier this year in my sketchbook. The chart was based on my observations that negativity slows down progress but cannot stop it completely. The human mind’s natural state-of-being is centered/at peace until our negative perceptions get in the way. However, the mind always wants to return to its natural state of being. The arrows always point forward and upward, regardless of where your perceptions are, which is good news to me.

The top-down line of the chart represents the state-of-beings that our thoughts are filtered through. Upward gets increasingly more positive, the blue circle represents center/at peace, and downward is the negative states. The left-right line is pretty self-explanatory. Left is where the mind dwells (both in the negative and the positive) and the right is where the mind flows free.

I chose the night-time reflection of the water to represent the illusions of negative thoughts. The imagery itself is not negative. The night and day cycle represent daily renewal. The word ‘Futurity’ represents the theme of renewal in the bigger picture; the state-of-being of the Universe/Multiverse/God/All That Is (whatever you want to call it.)

Here are some scans from my sketchbook of the evolution of the chart until it became a painting.

Original version:

Second version: (I changed the words and put the chart inside a head)2

Third version: (More details)




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