Dream Machine Shop

Here are some new additions to my Dream Machine Shop! Visit for details.

Dark Matter 6 x 8 inches, Oil and Gold Leaf on Wood Panel
Litha 8 x 10 inches, oil on wood panel
The Golden Children 8 x 10 inches, mixed media on paper

#AnasDollhouse Pop Quiz


If you’re looking for something silly to distract yourself with, take the #AnasDollhouse Pop Quiz on instagram.

If you send me your answers and get them 100% correct, I’ll send you a surprise in the mail! Woohoo!

#AnasDollhouse is my webcomic series set inside a real miniature art gallery! The comics are available to view for FREE on our Instagram.


Hope you enjoy!


Forbidden Fruit – MicroVisions III

My painting Forbidden Fruit will be a part of the upcoming MicroVisions 3 show with WOWxWOW gallery.

The show opens Friday, May 8th at 7pm LIVE on I’ve been working with Tim Maclean for several years and WOWxWOW is one of the original and trusted online galleries. This virtual-only group show features a roster of talented artists working in “micro” scale art ranging from miniature to 10″

My artwork for this show 6 x 9 inches, and created with fine oil paint on wood panel. For previews and inquiries please contact the gallery directly at

Aquarium of Night Feb 7th.

‘Icosahedron’ New oil painting for upcoming group exhibition themed Aquarium of Night. Show is live online at February 7th at

Icosahedron 12 x 12 inches, acrylic and oil on wood panel. For inquiries contact
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