Physical Reality Bubble

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A few weeks ago, upon inspiration, I drew these panels out in a rough sketch accompanied with several pages of writing describing the physical reality bubble. I went back and redrew the pictures and summarized the writing. The text reads:

Panel 1 Physical Reality Bubble – Event Horizon
Panel 2 Your Bubble is entangled with everything you interact with.
Panel 3 Your perspective manifests your reality
Panel 4 There may be other realms and beings that you can’t see but you can feel.

The general idea is that our bodies act as a projector that enables us to experience energy as a physical reality.


Futurealism Project ll – ‘Future of Humanity’

Futurealism is based on the idea that Perception Creates Reality. It is an experiment in individual and collective intention. Physical reality is a reflection of what we believe to be true and we are co-creating this human experience together. What we put our focus towards is what we are manifesting into existence.

The theme for the next Futurealism project is to Imagine the future of Humanity, for the highest good of all concerned. Please submit a new piece of art created specifically for this project. There is no deadline. All projects are ongoing.

The project is open to any medium and any interpretation of the theme. The intention of this project is to put your focus on the kind of reality/future that you want to experience. The future could be now, 100 years from now, 1000 years from now, 1 million years from now, etc. Maybe time doesn’t exist in the future.

Spaceship Over Childress City’ (Inspired by the Phoenix Lights sighting in 1997)

How do you envision our future? Do humans live in space? Do we live in floating cities within the Earth’s atmosphere? Do we live in harmony with the Earth on her surface? Do we use advanced technologies or do we live in a dream state where everything can be instantly manifested by thoughts?

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Futurealism Project l – ‘Let’s Make it Rain’

California is having another dry cycle but it is just one of many places that could use a drink. I’d like to use art as a tool to send messages of gratitude to our planet’s water sources. This project is open to anyone that wants to participate. This is not a contest, but an opportunity to send positive energy out into the Universe.

The project is this: Create art on the theme of ‘Gratitude for Water.’

You can make it as personal as you want and use any medium or form of self-expression. The art itself will be a symbol of your individual intent to send a message of love and gratitude to Earth’s water. You can do a drawing or painting, make a sculpture, write a poem or story, do a dance, or simply say out loud ‘Thank you, Water!’

Please use the tags #LetsMakeitRain and #Futurealism when sharing your artwork as a symbol of our collective intention.

Here is one of the drawings I did on this theme:

My piece was very specific and inspired the idea for this project. 

There is no deadline. Send me as many pieces as you want to create on the theme of ‘Gratitude for Water’ and I will post all submissions on my Futurealism facebook page. Also, please share this post and encourage others to participate.

Here is the back story for this project: 

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‘Children of the Sun’ May 24th @ Thinkspace Gallery

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