Upcoming December Shows

Between Worlds at Corey Helford Gallery on December 12th

‘The Dream Tree’ 30 x 40 inches, acrylic, oil, and preserved plants on canvas. Contact the gallery for preview list and sales:

This painting was inspired by a dream in which my husband and his sister were carving a face onto a tree. As they carved, the face was coming to life and talking to them. I was a floaty spirit observer in the dream. After I woke up, I drew out the dream and with the addition of the transforming girls on the right, I found a new narrative to the piece.

Post It Show 11 at Giant Robot 2 on December 5th

‘Tools of Mind Control’ Acrylic and ink on 3″ Postits. All post its will be $25, cash and carry, first come first serve. 2062 Sawtelle Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90025 4242.GO.ROBO

These three images (as pictured and with captions) came to me while laying in bed, trying to go to sleep. They’re a little different than my usual artwork but since they came to me unexpectedly, I thought they had to be done.


Excitement Causes State Change in Mind

New drawing added to my shop! I was making a loose association between a photon exciting an electron and a stimulus exciting the mind and causing a state change. I thought it was similar to the creative process. After excitement, the mind releases the stimulus back into the world in the form of a new idea, new art, or an action taken and then goes back to its neutral state.

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Heart Therapy

I made these two pieces back in July. I don’t remember the stimulus (because it probably wasn’t important) but at the time I found myself feeling overwhelmed and stressed and my mind was engulfed in the darker realms for two weeks. It seemed like everything I tried to work on, even my existing projects and artwork, would give me resistance. I’ve learned from experience that when I try to force art, I end up destroying it, so I told myself ‘Fine, I’m not going to work on anything’ as if I was punishing myself.

During this time, I wasn’t able to come up with any good ideas either. The only thing my mind could visualize was my own feelings. I kept seeing two images, one was a heart being stabbed and one was a drawing I did when I was teenager of an anatomical hand with a slashed wrist. I didn’t want to pursue these visions because I thought ‘Does the world really need another drawing of a slashed wrist or stabbed heart?’ So again, I resisted, and the visions and negative feelings persisted.

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Eternal Progress of the Mind – New Painting

Eternal Progress of the Mind, 8 x 10 in, oil on wood panel, 2015

This painting was inspired by a small State-of-Being chart I drew earlier this year in my sketchbook. The chart was based on my observations that negativity slows down progress but cannot stop it completely. The human mind’s natural state-of-being is centered/at peace until our negative perceptions get in the way. However, the mind always wants to return to its natural state of being. The arrows always point forward and upward, regardless of where your perceptions are, which is good news to me.

The top-down line of the chart represents the state-of-beings that our thoughts are filtered through. Upward gets increasingly more positive, the blue circle represents center/at peace, and downward is the negative states. The left-right line is pretty self-explanatory. Left is where the mind dwells (both in the negative and the positive) and the right is where the mind flows free.

I chose the night-time reflection of the water to represent the illusions of negative thoughts. The imagery itself is not negative. The night and day cycle represent daily renewal. The word ‘Futurity’ represents the theme of renewal in the bigger picture; the state-of-being of the Universe/Multiverse/God/All That Is (whatever you want to call it.)

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Portal People

‘Portal People’ 8.5 x 11 inches, graphite and acrylic on paper. Available here.

I wrote this in my sketchbook some months ago. It says: Humans are multi-dimensional beings meaning that a wide range of experiences are available to us at any point in ‘time.’ Each portal person can effect the fabric of existence with whatever they choose to put forth into the universe through actions, creations, etc. The process of making new connections with new ideas opens up ever more new possible experiences.

Intensity of Intention

This is an illustration from my sketchbook. It was a quick scribble that I did for myself several months ago. I redrew it in color yesterday so I could share it. I drew this because I wanted to know why my negative thoughts and emotions were manifesting quicker than my positive ones. To explore this idea, I started sketching and ended up with this chart based on my own experiences. I realized that it had nothing to do with being negative or positive, but the intensity of your beliefs at that moment.

It’s much easier to believe negative things when you have just experienced a (seemingly) negative physical event (like having a bad day.) You react in a negative way and this keeps the cycle going until you react differently. When I am creating something positive, I am usually creating something out of nothing. A new image of reality that begins in my mind as an idea and is then expressed in some way to the world. This takes a little “longer” to manifest because creating takes more focus and intention than reacting.

The original sketch for the chart, 2015.


Baby Wormholes

I got this piece back from a gallery recently and while it was sitting on my desk, I saw some things I could improve. I ended up refining the whole piece. Here are the new and old images for comparison.


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Mind Control

Mind Control 8 x 10 inches, oil on wood panel, 2015. This painting is available in my shop. *Sold

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